History has shown that there are times when voices need to be heard and important issues addressed. The Sister Accord is a movement and a voice that must be heard! It addresses the most important issues for girls and women around the globe, bringing hope, guidance and balance to both groups. - Louis Upkins, Jr. - Best Selling Author of Treat Me Like A Customer

About Us

The Sister Accord is a resolution that is changing how girls & women treat, support, and interact with each other.

Our goal is to have 1 Billion girls & women from every part of the globe agree to live the principles of The Sister Accord!

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Our Foundation


The Sister Accord Foundation has 3 global life integration pillars:
  • Educating girls & women
  • Enlightening girls & women of the power of Sisterhood
  • Eradicating bullying and violence against girls & women

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Are You 1 in a Billion?
The Sister Accord II

Written By: Sonia Jackson Myles

We are committed to starting the dialogue early with girls about the importance of Sisterhood. Our goal is to eradicate bullying and violence among girls with The Sister Accord II. Send us a note at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell us how you're using The Sister Accord II to show love and respect to your sisters.


I am true to my friends because they are important to me. My growth and development is connected to positive relationships with my friends, my sisters.



  • Be respectful

  • Be loving & kind

  • Be positive

  • Be a person who is fun to be around

  • Avoid gossip & hurtful words

  • Avoid bullying

  • Avoid jealousy & envy

  • Avoid being selfish



Sisters are a gift!

I will cherish and value them like the precious gems they are. I will protect and encourage my friends, my sisters each and every day.

Watch out world!!

My sisters and I are going to make a positive difference for every girl from Detroit to Dubai, from Tulsa to Tanzania, and from Boston to Bangalore, because:


  • We are united

  • We are talented

  • We are powerful

  • We are committed

    • To each other
    • To our friendship
    • To our collective success