History has shown that there are times when voices need to be heard and important issues addressed. The Sister Accord is a movement and a voice that must be heard! It addresses the most important issues for girls and women around the globe, bringing hope, guidance and balance to both groups. - Louis Upkins, Jr. - Best Selling Author of Treat Me Like A Customer

About Us

The Sister Accord is a resolution that is changing how girls & women treat, support, and interact with each other.

Our goal is to have 1 Billion girls & women from every part of the globe agree to live the principles of The Sister Accord!

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Our Foundation


The Sister Accord Foundation has 3 global life integration pillars:
  • Educating girls & women
  • Enlightening girls & women of the power of Sisterhood
  • Eradicating bullying and violence against girls & women

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The inspiring new eBook for girls and women...is Here! The Revolution of Love has begun!






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Are You 1 in a Billion?

The beauty of The Sister Accord is the message is universal. The message is simple. The message is timeless. It is transforming the lives of girls and women globally via personal blogs, in the workplace to resolve differences, at sorority meetings, book clubs, sister groups at churches, with mentoring programs, schools, and universities. The Sister Accord has even been used by a college for their freshman orientation. These are the integrations that have been shared with us, or that we've been a part of. We are sure that many others who are using this resolution to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others!


The Sister Accord on Beauty Talk Radio


Sonia Jackson Myles ~ Keynote Speaker at 2009 Sacramento Black Expo


Sonia Jackson Myles ~ Keynote Speaker for MLK Celebration in Boston, MA

Metro Daily West News

Wicked Local


Sonia Jackson Myles ~ NY Times

New York Times


Prominent Corporate Exec Inspires Students at Langston Univ.



Sonia Jackson Myles on BnB Wellness Radio: Am I My Sister's Keeper?


Sonia Jackson Myles presents The Sister Accord at the 2010 Essence Women's Conference


Sonia Jackson Myles ~ Keynote Speaker for FAMU's Homecoming Convocation (2010)


Sonia Jackson Myles ~ Named one of Black Enterprise Top Executives in Marketing & Advertising



Sonia was a featured speaker at the Essence of You, premier girls-only professional development and mentoring session. For more information on this awesome program, click on the link below.



  • media 1
    Sister Accord Signing ~ EMF
  • media 2
    Sister Accord Signing ~ EMF
  • media 3
    Sister Accord Signing ~ EMF
  • Media 4
    Sister Accord Signing ~ EMF
  • Media 5
    My Sorority Sister & My Friend
    Author, Dr. Euridyce Stanley
    Sister Accord Signing ~ EMF
  • Media 6
    Sonia Jackson Myles
  • media 7
    Education Summit: Stopping School Violence Panel
  • media 9
    Audience reciting The Sister Accord
  • media 10
    Audience reciting The Sister Accord
  • media 11
    Sonia & Husband, Kenny
    EMF 2010
  • media 12
    Brandi, Sonia, and Cori at the Essence of You Session



Tears to Triumph-Women Learn to Live, Love & Thrive

written by

Dawn Marie Daniels, Candace Sandy & Jarralynne Agee

Sonia is a contributor to this amazing work. This book is one you must add to your collection! See our Partnership Page for additional information on the Souls of My Sisters Franchise.